Using the Sparkfun board

Hi, I got the Electric Imp and Sparkfun board for this week’s Electric Imp/PubNub workshop.

Instructions on the getting started page say:
“If you are using the Sparkfun Electric Imp Breakout board, you will need to populate the 3-pin jumper and set it to ‘USB.’”

Any suggestions as to exactly what that it means to “Populate the 3-pin jumper and set it to USB” ??

Not a great start.


figured out, I think, that you have to short from the pin between Bat and USB to USB.

a simple diagram would really have helped.


I also would love a system that answers my questions before I’ll ask them

Thanks, perhaps it wasn’t clear in message that I don’t have the April board, I have the Sparkfun board. Not sure how I could have made it any clearer though. Perhaps if I mentioned that 3 times instead of only twice?

Anyway, for those still looking for the answer, it is as follows:

  1. solder a 3 pin male header onto the board in the holes marked:
    This is parallel to the end holes, about 1/2 centimeter from the end. it’s really the only place on the board where there are 3, and only 3, holes in a row.

  2. Then place a jumper such that the pin marked ‘USB’ and the pin next to it are connected.

I also would love a system that answers my questions before I’ll ask them

And I’d love you to read my question before you answer it!



Please have a look at the picture closely, then you will see that the “Sparkfunboard” and the April are the same, except for the color… :open_mouth:

@dmoshal - the image above that little blurb shows which pins you want to put headers + a jumper on.

You’re absolutely correct that it could be more clear, it’s not necessarily obvious that the April and the SparkFun Breakout board are the same, I’ll make sure that gets addressed.

(And yes - if you don’t have headers / a jumper, you can short/place a jumper between the middle of the 3 pins to the USB pin)

Sorted. A picture tells a thousand words, etc. etc.