Using the LCD Library - How to Create Special Character and Use It

Hello all,

I have used the electricimp/lcd.class.nut that is in Git Hub. What I need is to create a degree symbol to display in the temperature readings show on my projects LCD. The library has a createCustomChar function, what type of matrix do I use to create the character and how do call to show on the LCD?


The matrix is an array of eight integers whose binary values form a 5x8 bitmap character graphic. The array integers are in row order so the bits 5 to 7 of each integer will be ignored by the LCD’s controller.

More details here:

Here’s an example, for a right-pointing triangle:

lcd.createCustomChar([0x10,0x18,0x1C,0x1E,0x1E,0x1C,0x18,0x10], 0);