Using Imps with Daqconnect

I’m not overly impressed with the capabilities of COSM. I think daqconnect provides a better interface and controls for remote devices. I THINK it can be used with imps, but I am pretty sad with regard to programming them at the moment as I am quite a noob.

Can someone look at this page

and perhaps point me at how you think they are asking we need to set up the http out nodes to allow me to send data back and forth?

Would agree about COSM, shame as they were the leaders a few years back.

Yes an imps Agent could talk to their web service. From first line last para on this page
DAQConnect uses a simple RESTful or JSON API for sending data to its servers.
If your on beta for agents I can try and help you.

You also should look at they have a rich graphing & visualisation some of the of the others on the forum use the service.

I will look at that now. Thanks. I saw that daqfactory could use JSON. S why can’t I just use the HTTP out and HTTP in nodes? It seemed like there should be a way

Huh, seems to be pretty good, certainly better than COSM. However the interaction seems one way, perhaps I am wrong. The cool part of daqfactory is that it is intended to perform control also. Think we can make this work? I am not part of the beta, and in fact I am just very new to imps, squirrel, and so forth, but I really want to dive in quickly.

just ask to get access to the beta stuff and you will see that it will be a breeze to accomplish this.

shandor when you say control: is it the ability to build screens that send commands to an imp and to display feedback and sensor readings? The it would be a good choice as it’s a cloud SCADA system.

SCADA systems allow you to build Mimic pages (HMI) using widgets for control and display. I’ve built many of these in my past and it’s the sort thing needed for the IoT otherwise it’s all programming be it a web or App front-end,

Yes, that is what I mean by control. I have a portable unit I need to make for work (well a few of them). I need to be able to turn stuff in and off to make it work and I need to “see” data and log it. Daqconnect is perfect for this, but I am having trouble getting the imp side understood

Ok your not alone. What sort of control on/of, set a value of something?
I’ve got some web pages that used for other IoT devices which I’m planing to re-work for the imp. Take a look at the img of the moibile/desktop web app if this fits what you need I can help you through the imp side of things I want to write a tutorial based this to help others.

Glad its not just me!

OK your link looks great, but obviously I’d have to know the details. Also, i would need a custom sensor and conversion, for example if I want to measure a carbon monoxide level, that is obviously not one of the available things to monitor.

But for the most part, it looks good, as long as historical data is available.

ooh, one more thing would need is to be able to select the Imp want to look at. Basically if I have 5 or 100 imp devices out there that I need to control, I need ot crate a single page that works for all of them, but lets me see and control only the one I have selected. Obviously the other way to do this s to copy and paste the interface stuff and make one for each imp. That would be tedious.

ok the scope is already creeping!

If you use a SCADA type approach you will have to create a data point (tag) for each value or state you want to monitor. Then you have to build the user screen for each imp.

Building a dynamic web HMI using an imp reference ID requires a lot more work some of the others on the forum might be building these types of services?

I think maybe the best thing for you, initially, is to use daqconnect is it has HMI & trends. That said I’ve just started work and dragging a collection of old web apps that do this sort of thing I have web based historical trending for tmp & humidity from a number of imps.

I’ve been looking at CO2 with this sensor

That’s cool.

Lol, the scope didn’t creep for me! It just a side request. I think I will pursue DAQconnect. But can you explain why the agent is required? Why does http in and http out not work to provide the functionality I need?

Http in/out we’re early but very restricted ways to get your imp to the cloud. You can request access to the beta by emailing them perhaps saying you want to validate use with DAQconnect service. I’ll try and put some time aside and set up an account as I’m thinking of using DAQ to show a proof of concept so thanks for finding it.

@shandor looked at API docs and pinged DAQ support for some clarification on date-time formatting. Posting values to DAQ looks easy. Have you got yourself on Agent Beta list yet?

yes! now im just waiting for a few moments so i can work on it! :slight_smile:

Ok you need to use the time() function for &d=time:value as they need the Epoch time in seconds not a UTC date formatted string as the docs imply.

In what way do you want to control an Imp that is sending data to COSM?
It is trivial to turn it off and on with Agent code.
Yes, COSM has downsides, but graphing is not one of them:

I would like to send commands to turn valves and relays on and off
I would like to send pump speeds and vary voltages
I would like to have a variety of methods available to me to display data other than just a trend graph