User interface for "users" (not planner)?

I am wondering if there will be any user interface for user interactions. I am not talking about the planner which is more for “programmers” and is more a setup application.

I am thinking to something where a user which owns several imps in his house can interact with them like switch something on, off etc.
I haven’t seen this kind of functionality in the planner - that ofc might happen because I started only to use it and I am missing something.

I know this would rise interface issue as well since the IMP functionality is a squirrel code which is too dynamic to create well defined interfaces but I am still wondering if there will be any possibility to implement such things in the future. Like squirrel/dhtml/javascript etc. based interface strictly for user actions.

Or the idea is to create GUI webpages/android aplications which are permitting http get/post from the IMP service so this interface should be thought being outside anywhere on the net?

There is a simplified, smartphone-friendly, interface in development - this is what we expect consumers to use. Developers and power users will likely still use the current “planner” interface.

Before then, there will be tabs added to the smartphone app where you can “publish” controls and readouts. This allows you to have quick access to multiple devices in one place.

Obviously, you can still make dedicated applications if you so desire, but this makes it easy (and cross platform) to accomplish simple tasks.

Looking forward to this very much (for Android).

That is very nice to have and even better with the possibility to push messages to an android phone.