Upload binary file bit HTTP_IN node

I’m trying to upload a binary file via an HTTP_IN node, but am having difficulties getting the correct HTML and squirrel types.
Currently I’m using a very simple HTML form:


Please specify a file, or a set of files:

…And an InputPin with type set to “string” and a reimplemented set function which simply displays the typeof the value being set.

I am expecting to see “string” as the type, but always get “integer” which isn’t what I am expecting at all.

I have little experience with Squirrel and am not a web developer, so it’s highly likely that I’m missing something obvious.
Does anyone have any example HTML and InputPin implementation they can share that achieves uploading a simple binary file to either a string or blob?


Hi Toby,

Looks like you’ve found a bug, or at least a missing feature – file upload isn’t supported at the moment. It’s likely, though, that if/when we add it, the data you supply to the form target will need to be in a field whose name is “value”, just like the existing string/integer/etc support. So in your file field, where it says,
that would need to be
However, at the moment that code will give you the filename of the thing you’re trying to upload, not the contents of the file – which admittedly isn’t very useful.