Update clock

I have one imp where it’s clock seems to be out, how do I get it to update itself?

time() always returns: 946684800 (01/01/2000 @ 12:00am (UTC))

I’ve tried restarts and re-building the code on there.

IIRC, imps re-sync their clocks with the server whenever they connect so you might want to manually force a re-connect in your code.

We’ve identified an issue with imp003’s without a 32k xtal getting into this state in certain situations; are you running an imp003 with the XI pin grounded?

Update: the issue Hugo refers to was resolved in impOS 32.

It was actually resolved in 32.15, which didn’t generally escape (except to people who had this issue and needed to test the fix). The fix is obviously in all versions after that point and our automated system tests also check for regressions.