Upcoming Role and Permission Changes

See here for the original, related post: impCentral Role Normalization

As part of our next deploy (scheduled for late July / early August), roles will be changing to better separate collaborator access; after this change roles will be almost entirely without overlap.

The new roles:

  • Administrator : Allows invitation and role changes on collaborators.
  • Blinkup Device : Grant collaborators the right to blink up devices into your account.
  • Developer : Create / Read / Update / Delete on development zone and test zone groups and devices, including deployments.
  • Production Ops : Create / Read / Update / Delete on production zone groups and devices, including deployments.
  • Support : View production groups and devices. Cannot create or deploy, but can move production devices between groups. No code visibility.

All existing grants will be updated as follows (note that the permissions associated with Administrator and Developer roles have changed significantly):

  • Administrator: will receive Administrator, Developer, and Production Ops roles
  • Blinkup Device: no grant changes
  • Developer: no grant changes
  • Operations Manager: will receive Production Ops role
  • Support: no grant changes

Yes, the role descriptions will appear in the UI.