Underscores need to appear in code sections of a post

For some reason the underscore appears in some posts but not others. I’m not sure why.

In this post, underscore appears on some places but not others.

Below, the script has an underscore between $ and POST … showing here as a space.
When I edit this post, I see the underscore as it exists.
But the next place, print_r shows the underscore OK … why is this?


<?php $items=$_POST['value']; echo "This is the array of values:
"; print_r($items); echo "

These are the items individually:
"; echo $items[0]."
"; echo $items[1]."
"; echo $items[2]."
"; ?>


I’m figuring it out that the underscore won’t appear after the $ character.


Looks like a problem with the stylesheet, or perhaps with Firefox (if you too are using Firefox, that is). The underscore is there (you can copy-and-paste it) but it’s getting overprinted by the following line. The one in the print_r line has a blank line following, so doesn’t get overprinted.


I use FF on one, Chrome on another, and also view sometimes with a Kindle. Missing the underscore on all of them (only on the line with the $_POST).