Unbless a device

I was hoping to get a production device unblessed, I’ve reached out to the original company who are happy to help but have pointed me back to electric imp, can someone get in contact privately so I can join the loop and hopefully get this actioned?

The imp customer can unbless the device for you; they will need to use their unbless key.

If they’ve lost this, then they can file a support ticket with us and we’ll provide it again.

Thanks hugo, i’m not even sure they have that capability at all anymore, can you shoot me an email and I can close the loop between the company and yourselves?

If they can’t login to their account, then they can’t unbless. They would have to regain access to their account in order to do this.

I’m afraid this is between the account holder and us, so I can’t loop you in. If you are in contact with the account holder, ask them to file a ticket?

thanks hugo, sorry shoudl have been clearer - I have an email contact at the company I’m happy to pass onto you directly - not even sure if they could still file a ticket, I’m talking with the infrastructure manager directly, can I pass him on an email to contact?

Sure, hugo@electricimp.com - but they will need to login and do the unbless as noted. We cannot do this for them.

Thanks Hugo, I’ll put you guys in touch and fingers crossed.

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