Unable to initialize Imp - CLI


I have been following this LINK to install and use imp-cli.

I am able to install the imp-cli using “npm install -g imp-cli” command as I am able to see this at the end after installation.

/usr/local/bin/imp -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/imp-cli/bin/imp.js
imp-cli@0.2.3 /usr/local/lib/node_modules/imp-cli
├── colors@1.1.2
├── commander@2.9.0 (graceful-readlink@1.0.1)
├── osenv@0.1.3 (os-tmpdir@1.0.1, os-homedir@1.0.1)
├── cli-prompt@0.4.2 (keypress@0.2.1)
├── cli-table@0.3.1 (colors@1.0.3)
└── imp-api@0.2.9 (request@2.65.0)

And the next step is to initialize the imp by using the command “imp login” and when I enter that I am getting this error.

$ imp login
/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

I can see that there is a directory by that name, logs below

/usr/bin$ ls -lh | grep env
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 27K Jan 13 2015 env

Kindly, help me in figuring out where the issue is as I am not able to initialize the cli in the first place.


I think you might need to install nodejs.

Also, please try npm install -g build-cli as this is the version we are focusing on from now on. The installation page details will be updated to reflect this later this coming week.

@smittytone how does this version differ from imp-cli? We’ve created a pretty handy system using shinto-cli + imp-cli and am curious if that will be effected.


At this stage, there’s no difference. However, imp-cli was created by an Electric Imp staffer who has now left the company. I’m sure he’ll maintain the code and manage pull requests, but I don’t yet know how much further development will take place. Hence our decision to fork the code and focus on that.