Unable to blinkup after last "firmware update triggered"

After the firmware update triggered, my imp003 module (30000c2a690c77c5) went offline for 3 days, now there is no way to get it updated or connected. I moved it to another network (under a different network provider) but I can’t blink it up anymore to set the new wifi credentials.

When I turn on the device get the following sequence on the led (please see this video):

  • GREEN for 4 seconds,
  • 3 long RED flash
  • 1 short RED flash and then it starts again from the long 4 seconds GREEN…

The sequence stills blinking also when trying to blinkup.

The device log looks like this:

2016-09-08 17:16:15 UTC+2 [Status] firmware update triggered
2016-09-08 17:16:55 UTC+2 [Status] Device disconnected
2016-09-08 18:14:17 UTC+2 [Status] Agent started.
2016-09-08 18:14:17 UTC+2 [Status] Agent stopped: migrating.

I can see from the logs it tried to fetch the firmware a few times but appeared to run into trouble.

Are any of the LED codes red/amber? It looks a bit like amber comes on, but because the LED is so bright in the dark room it’s hard to tell on the video. It’s possible the imp could be flashing one of these codes:


…if it’s having problems with your external SPI flash. What flash are you using on your board?

Thank you for quick reply Hugo.

The memory on this board is S25FL127SABMFI101.

I don’t see amber in the LED flashing but there is a really short (like few milliseconds) blink which could be amber. I will try to take the video in different light conditions and post it.

Is it normal that I can’t blinkup anymore?

This flash part is not supported; it does not support 4k erase across the entire device, and so the imp is unhappy because it couldn’t upgrade the wifi firmware stored out there. There’s no way to recover from this I’m afraid - you need to fit a new SPI flash that is supported.

You should use a part which supports 4k and 64k page erase across its entire capacity, eg http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/winbond-electronics/W25Q128FVSIG/W25Q128FVSIG-ND/3008697

I’m not sure whether your device will recover from this state, because it wasn’t expecting to have an incompatible flash device at this point; part of this will depend on whether the OS internally has upgraded beyond the point where it can re-populate a new blank external flash.

I’m recidivist :(, thank you Hugo…

Let us know how you get on… we’ll help if we can!

Thank you Hugo, I’ve just replaced the flash and the module is now working correctly :slight_smile: