Ultrathin 32x16 LED Matrix

Any one have experience to bring this Ultrathin 32x16 LED Matrix up with imp?
How to do the wire connect with imp? seems the imp pins is not enough for this LED matrix?


I thought about using this for a display project I was working on recently, but decided against it in the end (needed at least 128 pixels across). The Arduino driver code looks at a glance to be straightforward to port to Squirrel, but there’s no documentation about how it works - all you have is the code and the photo on the Seeed website showing the pin-out (a picture that’s absent from the board you have photographed).

By the look of it, you’ll need eight data pins on your imp. That means theimp001 is out, so you’ll need to go for an imp002-based unit: I suggest Make Deck’s P3V3.

It does seem to require 5v power and logic too, so you’ll need to manage that from the imp. Current draw with all those 512 LEDs lit might be an issue too?

If you try it yourself, please let us all know how you got on.

I think this one may require continuous, fast, refresh - from the looks of the back of it, I don’t think it has any image storage. May not be so suitable for an imp to drive.

Maybe I should try to bring the LED matrix up on Arduino instead of imp…

For that, yep I’d say so. You can always use the imp to supply the data to display.