UK Imp Devs Meetup

It’s high time UK-based devs got together for drinks, discussion and more drinks. It’s ages since the last one.

I propose a post half-term meet up, venue and time TBA. Who’s up for it?

I certainly am - where do you propose?

Yep me too.

me three

Anyone going to Elephant&Castle mini maker faire? I don’t know if it includes anything impish, but it was mentioned on an imp forum. Might be a meeting place.

I’m going to the E&C Faire, but I’m taking my nipper so a beery gathering afterward is probably not on the cards for me at least. I’m thinking an evening gathering just before then, somewhere in Central London or wherever best suits folks’ travel home needs. Earlier this year we met up at the Royal Festival Hall, which seemed reasonably accessible to all. But very open to suggestions.

Update The plan is to meet on Wednesday, 12 November at 6.30pm. Venue TBD, but I’m thinking of The Coal Hole on the Strand.

Plan still on for this Wednesday?

Plan still on, yes.

:slight_smile: Looking forward to it, beer shall be drank and geek shall be talked :slight_smile:

Reminder UK imp devs: don’t forget tomorrow evening’s meet-up in the Coal Hole on the Strand, down from Waterloo Bridge, up from Charing Cross. 6.30pm or so onwards. Look out for familiar faces/imp logos.

I can’t make it. But @carolinebosher on twitter, tweeted me about it, could someone let her know if things change tnks.

It’s nice to see they have landed a probe on a comet to celebrate our meeting for beers :slight_smile:

Shame that didn’t happen, I came up from Bournemouth for it.

Didn’t happen?

Sorry you missed us, @DrJack, but we were in the Coal Hole all evening with an Electric Imp sign on the table.

Tony perhaps provide a “pre paid mobile” no so folks can contact you on the night.

Good idea, Lawrence, but it wouldn’t have helped last night: I couldn’t get a signal. All good learning for next time.