UInt32 squirrel equivalent?

One of the functions of our Imp design is to form a bridge between our embedded design, which stores and exchanges data as binary blobs, and the Internet via a REST interface, allowing human readable JSON exchanges. For that reason we need to be able to use unsigned 32bit integers (eg 32bit status register where each of the bits represents a status of something in the core processor).
Unfortunately squirrel seems to be limited to signed 32bit integers with as a consequence we don’t succeed in sending an integer value larger than 2147483648 without it being displayed as a negative number…

Sure we could split up the status registers in 32 booleans and incorporate each of them in the json output or we could manipulate the negative number in the JSON on the receiving end, but I’d like to have a clean way of just sending the right number as one value.

Any thoughts ?

Maybe send it as a string using format?

`local flags = 0x81234567;
server.log(format("%u", flags));`