UDP support - imp to imp communication

Pleased to see the pending arrival of UDP support for the imp devices. Does Electric Imp plan to release a recommended security layer for imp to imp communication over UDP?

Not initially at least, because application requirements are different - depends what your threat model is.

Right now with 41 betas you can sign messages with a shared secret and use that to authenticate messages, which protects against some classes of attack. Release 44 will have device-side AES APIs, which allow you to encrypt with a shared secret, so you get confidentiality too.

A magic “out of the box secure” solution isn’t on the short term roadmap though. Any solution will require key distribution at some point.

confidentiality and authenticated sources are what I’m after. I’m happy to settle for just the latter to start with.
The Squirrel implementation of AES is a little too expensive to consider, so an API version of it will be much more helpful.