Typical Readings - Accelerometer & Temp

Been playing around with the Hannah and just getting a feel for it. I’m playing with the different components on the board, and was wondering what others are getting for some of the readings.

Accelerometer - X: 2-8, Y:249-255, Z:60-63. This is when sitting upright.

Temperature Sensor - 27 C. This seems a bit high, as I really don’t think it’s 80 F a house that is set to 72 F (and the thermostat reading 73 F). It does seem to be working since the reading does lower when placed near an AC vent.

Bear in mind that the accel is signed: I’m sure this is a nasty way of doing it but…

if (x>127) x=-(256-x);
if (y>127) y=-(256-y);
if (z>127) z=-(256-z);

…will get them into the right ballpark.

As the default accel mode is +/-2g, Z being 60-63 indicates a 1g acceleration in the Z axis. Without changing your code, if you invert the hannah Z should go to about 192 (or, with the code above, -64).

I’m not very trusting of the temp sensor, in my experience it appears to read a bit high too…

Thanks for the tip & confirmation on the temperature sensor.

Still working on getting the other components working (particularly the light sensor) before I start interfacing with some real things.

I notice that the Temp Sensor seems to be about 5.1 degrees F too high as well.

For the new users here is temp code with an adjustment to get correct temp

Just modify the number next to tempadjustment as a positive or negative number that the temperature need to be adjusted by.

Example: tempadjustment = 5.1;