Twitter Display

A piece of ‘art’ or possibly a data-visualisation tool for the living room

Uses the Twitter library to search for twelve phrases in Tweets worldwide and display a count .
Imp does all the work, searches Twitter, drives LED ring and strands and TFT displays (via I2C) also plays sounds effects using a RS232 SD card MP3 player.

Now, to find a use for it :slight_smile:

That’s… rather cool. Would be even better if you could PWM the LCD backlights so they’d pulse smoothly instead of flash… but I guess that’s part of the I2C controller?

Thanks Hugo. I am using PWM on the backlights , I’m just switching it between two values rather than ramping up and down. But I agree it would look cooler if the back lights ‘throbbed’ rather than flashed :slight_smile: I’ll get right on it. I’d quite like to use better displays (these were cheap) I’ve got some 128x160 colour TFT displays which I’ll try out.
I was inspired by this guy he used an Apple MAC . His install went to the Mad Museum in Stratford on Avon but ceased to work a couple of years ago. I replaced the MAC with an Imp and fixed it for them . Its been functioning for a year without problem.
I’d like to try and make some money from these sort of projects (hence my query about licencing in the general forum)

Looks great! I remember seeing the tweet lamps at MAD, maybe before you upgraded them though. Very cool museum.