Twilio Microvisor announcement

Our first new product announcement since the acquisition!

The Twilio Microvisor gives you a lot of imp-style goodness (managed security, OTA, etc) but uses Arm TrustZone, so you can still run whatever RTOS and native code you might need to. You can even debug remote applications securely with gdb, which is very, very cool.

This is quite a different product to the Electric Imp platform - it’s not a replacement. Imp is still the quickest way to build IoT if you care more about the “why” than the “how”, and hence you’ll see both of these platforms going ahead in parallel.

exactly what we have been waiting for for a very long time as we now need to bundle an Imp module with a companion uP for the native real time stuff. Can’t wait to hear more details tomorrow…
What would really make this a killer approach is bundling the Microvisor + native on the device with a Squirrel programmed Agent. As the agent setup exists and the coupling with the ImpOS with it as well (which is also native C(++) I would assume), this would be the natural fit.

unfortunately, the sign-up for the private Beta doesn’t work yet :slight_smile: Just hangs with a ‘please wait’ message :joy:

Interesting; we got your signup (and many others!). Will report it internally…

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