Tweety Bird

Latest toy, a little bird in a cage. Uses a an imp (of course) that drives a servo to make the bird move, and trigger a MP3 playback module. Running off a LiPo and/or USB to indicate when it “hears” tweets on twitter and announces them

Cute… you’ll be glad to know that sound out (fixed rate DAC) is coming soon so you can hopefully get rid of the MP3 module :slight_smile:

Hah, lovely little project!

Ah, sound out , now that would be really nice!
What I really want is a way to get these carrie boards a LOT cheaper. Current cost of an imp and a board is more than a raspberry PI :frowning: (OK it has no wifi and is huge)
The bare carrier board according to digikey has about £3 of bits and then the PCB , but it retails for about £13. I’m guessing the standard 100% markup on parts. I’d gladly fund the cost of making 200+ and selling them at cost if someone could point me in the direction of a short run shop in the UK that does the whole pick and place and vapour phase soldering or whatever the latest fad is.

I am working for a company where we have our own SMD fabrication line. If there would be a need for several 100 boards, i would be more then happy to help


Hi there,
I missed this post - saw just now - but very nice project.

Do you have plans to share the code?

thanks !