Turning lights on/off usibg voice recognition

i want to make a lamp which will turn on when i say lights on and should turn off when i say lights off. i have brought voice recognition shield also. i dont know how to proceed. please help.

Give us the location where you bought the shield and which one you bought. The shield (device) specs and document would be the place to start.

This sounds more like an Arduino project. Where does the imp fit in? Or is the lamp at another location than the voice commander?

Connect the voice recog. shield’s appropriate pins to the appropriate input pins on whatever Imp board you are using. Then have device code for your Imp that will produce output to a relay that turns your light on/off.

Keep in mind(quote from FAQ):

“There is an API to do fixed rate sampling on the imp (with A-law compression for 12→8 bit). Max sustained sample rate is about 16kHz right now.”

As said before you would get much more help if we knew which Imp board and which voice recognition shield you are using.

Also, this IS more of an Arduino project if you just want to turn a light on/off. You are not utilizing the full potential of the Imp with this kind of project.

You could use the Imp to:

  • Get live updates of whether the lamp is on/off when you are away.
  • Control the light with an iOS, Anrdoid, or web app (whether button press or voice recognition) to turn the light on/off when you are away.