Trying to get information from imp to web site

Hello, I have google sites setup and running. I can set the commands to the imp to turn on and off outputs. Now here is the kicker, can I send feed back to the web site so I can see what state it is in? Also, when I click on the “turn on” it sends me to another web page with “ok” on it. Is there a way to keep that from happening? Kinda new to HTML so I might just be making more question than I want! Thanks for any help.

Also, when I click on the “turn on” it sends me to another web page with “ok” on it. Not unless you use Ajax but given your using google sites then you run into an issue with cross domain stuff.

Given your HTML experience I might just pay to wait for some UI stuff coming from e.imp. But if your happy to run a web page from you PC or Mac then I created this page that will do what you need.
I send the value 10 for ‘off’ & 11 ‘on’ etc but you can send a string to the imp.

Thank you for the information. Ajax looks to be similar to I did set up a page on my home pc. I am getting the hang of the post and get items.

I found this site very interesting. No need for PHP or extra website. Seems like we should be able to POST directly to a Google Spreadsheet to log data.

I will be working on getting this working this weekend.

Ok after much head scratching and google searching and just banging my head against a wall and looking at the worked examples for the http request, I have finally delivered information from my imp to my web site! So now I can send and receive data to my web site and imp. So now here is the delima how do I display the information? I am using php.
/* Electric Imp POST Example */

$fd = fopen(‘impdata.txt’, ‘a’);

if(flock($fd, LOCK_EX))
	fwrite($fd, $_POST['target'] . ' ' . $_POST['channel'] . ' ' . gmdate('Y-m-d H:i:s') . ' ' . number_format($_POST['value'], 2) . "C\

flock($fd, LOCK_UN);




also getting timedout errors on the http request api after a few seconds of connections"200"

I don’t know but this instructable may help. It’s sending temperature data plus a few things to a web site and then has some simple code that displays it and also updates it every 5 seconds. Jump to step 19 for the displaying the data sections. might be pretty nifty. Not sure if I understand what you’re trying to do.