Traditional ways or agent for httpin & question about http.body

in my application, i send GET to the agent in order to fetch data about device state
I also send POST to update state of my device, and wish that the response body will contain an updated status string of the device.
so far, i had http in for post mechanism, and i added http.onrequest for dealing with GET.
however, because of delay and other reasons, i want to just have the entire http control made via agent.
so i check http.method == “get” or “post”, and then i continue with my checks
if its get, i create a string and send it with res.send(200,msg)
if its post, i want to do the same. but only after i parse its body.
So here’s my question, how ? :slight_smile:
So far, i sent to the device body containing value={ “data”: 1234, “alarm”: 5678 }
i tried doing
if (“data” in req.body) { … } but it doesnt seem to work.
what would you advice me to do?
and, what does the path good for? I couldnt see any advanced uses for it. i hope if someone can share.

And one last thing, a BUG maybe? the LOG shows some time which is not my GMT +2…it used to be OK with the old IDE.

I think I just answered this in another thread…

On the time, the log time is currently UTC. This is a bug and will go back to the browser’s timezone as this is less annoying to more people :slight_smile: