Tmp36 temperature sensor with ploty no longer working?

Hi all,
I had a play around with the tmp36 plotly project ( about 18months ago and got it up and running reasonably quickly. I have just tried it again and cant get it to work .
When I click the url for the agent it gives the message “no agent” . I seem to remember that as soon as the code was uploaded to the agent it started to provide a data log showing time , date , temperature almost immediately, now the log just says “device connected” and nothing appears to be happening.
Any thoughts ?

No agent means the device is not online, or you have no agent code in there (ie, the left pane in the IDE is empty).

Can you see code associated with the device in question in the IDE?

I was in a similar condition with my TempBug, the instructable by tombrew, after some trial and error, I made this: