- An IOT search engine you can add your devices to

Came across it’s a geographic search engine for IOT devices, It’s currently in Alpha and it looks great.

It works by submitting entry’s (like yahoo back in the day) rather than searching which means you can add your own entries for your devices, it’d be great if Imp’s could make a strong showing on it!

It’s also shows promise as a way of find IOT gadgets around you that could provide useful data for your projects.

Cool find. It also seems like a good way to meet other people nearby who are also working with IOT stuff.

On a side note, any idea how they collect their data? I see that the only “temperature” devices in my city are actually mine! They were arduino tests i did with Exosite a while back. Too bad it/they are offline. Maybe I should put it back online…?

edit - i guess they used Xively to index this arduino ds18b20 test, not exosite –

edit - again…you need to zoom in close to your location. Then you get a more accurate display of nearby devices. I missed the fact that somehow, a neighbor of mine is posting really cool weather data with an arduino. i don’t know who it is!? This is definitely a cool potential way to find peers.