The connection to the imp Cloud is required?

Hi people,

I am conducting a project where I need a device that looked like Arduino.

After some research I found the electric imp, however I need to know if the connection to the imp Cloud is required.

I need a WiFi connection to an AP, but I want to connect it to a my server instead of imp Cloud.


The Imp must talk to its “Agent” in the Imp cloud before it can talk to anything else. There are many administrative reasons for this, but for the developer, the Agent is a very powerful programmable service. As an avid developer myself, I would encourage you to investigate it further before moving on. The agent can easily be programmed to talk to an outside server.

Hi jwehr,

Thanks for the fast response and availability.

I’ll read more about electric imp to see if meets the requirements for my purpose.

This forum is about the Electric Imp. All of us that use the Imp have signed-on to the concept of the “imp cloud”, agents, and hardware requirements.

But you should know, and already know, there are other devices available …

A more expense method, and a bit more programming needed, would be the FlyPort:

The FlyPort is its own server. You actually create the webpages and hardware interface right on the device itself.

All of these WiFi control devices, and there are more coming out all the time, have their own specific “niche” in the control world. You have to decide based on features, ease of use, ease of upgrade/maintenance, and of course, cost.

Hi mlseim,

Thanks for the response. I buy the FlyPort and the Electric Imp.

The Electric Imp arrived today. I have few questions “for dummies” about the Electric Imp :"> , but i will create a new post about this.