That SMA on imp002... external antenna?

Hey everyone!

This is for @Hugo but I’m pretty sure a lot of us are interested on the answer…

On the imp002 module there is an SMA connector exposed. What’s the use? External antenna? If yes, are the specs available? (not in the spec sheet till the last update).

Oh and what about that SOT-23 footprint? I wonder if can be used to solder down and ATHSA in order to change the device’s ID…


I guess the antenna connector is also for testing during production. See this thread.
The footprint … I don’t know.

Received my imp002’s today. Thanks for the breakout boards. I’m looking forward to you opto circuit tutorial.

@mezelve, the video is ready since Saturday but I’ve got already four times error during the upload on Youtube :frowning:

It must be because I’ve saved in HD format and it weight 1.45GB… now I’m trying to make it smaller and I hope will be able to upload within few hours.

About the antenna, if it works for testing maybe it can work as well as source of signal for products that requires to be deep inside enclosures, that could be nice.


The connector is an antenna test connector used during production. Yes, it’s a 50 ohm antenna connection, but the connectors that fit this plug are very expensive ($80+ for one) as they’re designed for factory test.

If you want to use an external antenna, you need the other version of the module, which has a u.FL connector stuffed. If you use our recommended 2dBi antenna then you can still use our modular approval. This one is not yet in production as nobody has asked for it as yet…