Testing in USA, then demonstrating in London

I am considering using imp to build a prototype or demonstration of a concept. Later it would be demonstrated at a company meeting in London, England. (very, very small company project)

What imp can I use that will support the change? Must I use an imp001 and change cards out? I prefer to use imp002 and I can build multiple boards if I need to but it will be better to test in the US, ship it to London and have it ‘just work’

Well, the US channels (1-11) are a subset of the EU/UK channels (1-13). So if you buy a US imp, and also tell your London office not to set their Wifi to channel 12 or 13 (or “auto”!), then it would “just work”. (Same as a US resident taking their laptop to London.) Or if you got a EU imp (but vendors might not ship those to the US), then it would “just work” in both places. (Same as an EU resident taking their laptop to the US.)


ok, thanks. I can also send them a test imp prior to the real project being finished - just to help pave the way.