Test for an index in table before using it

I am getting an exception when I try to check the value stored in a table that I read from the NV area. This is because it may not yet contain the new slot index that I have added. Is there a way to read what indexes are available in the table before using them?

Never mind. I found it in the squirrel documentation under “in operator.”

if ("slot_name" in tableName) { if (tableName["slot_name"] == desired_value) { <do stuff> } }

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Once you know a slot exists (using the in keyword) - you can also access it with tableName.slowName:

if ("slot_name" in tableName) { if (tableName.slot_name == "someVal") { } }

If slot_name doesn’t have any spaces, you can just use:

if ("slot_name" in tableName) { if (tableName.slot_name==desired_value) {...

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