Temperature range?

What is the temperature range of the Imp itself?

I wondered the same thing when I remembered I’d left my Hannah in the freezer testing the temperature logging code :slight_smile:

The chips are specced -40C to +85C.

RF test spec is -20C to +55C, right now (ie this is the CE test limit); it’s a more restricted limit as this is related to the tempco of the RF xtal. 

If people need wider limits then please let us know and we can determine whether we can qual wider.

Have you looked in to costs associated with using a wider temp range RF crystal?  I am just curious if you would be able to throw around some end cost estimates.

We don’t use, and likely can’t fit, a TCXO in there. There may be something coming down the pipe for more industrial-spec applications though, but no details to share as of now.

Have there been any changes to the temperature ranges for the imps? We are building an industrial application using the Imp and typically need broader ranges. We are looking to get -40C to 85C. What are the plans to support this for Imp? Is it even possible with RF?


The imp003 supports -40 to +85C range operational, but there’s derating of the specs when you exceed the -20 to +70C range (eg: max output power will be reduced).

See imp003 datasheet section 8.