Is “teams” on your product roadmap? We hit into the issue daily where one or more team members want to use the IDE and keep on getting logged out by the other user.

I know you would potentially get a bunch of merge conflicts if multiple people where editing the same model code, but maybe you give a warning for just that scenario.

In our use case users are purely browsing device logs rather than editing any code.


This is something we’re investigating. The Build API already provides a mechanism for you to manage this kind of thing. Folk working in teams tend to prefer their own tools, which suits Build too. This Node.js-based CLI toolset, for example, uses Build to access the Electric Imp Cloud in a GitHub-style way, making it easy for team members to pull code from one IDE account, update it and then push it back. It supports log streaming too.

I confirm that using the Build API has solved some of these concurrency clashes. We are a team of 4 working on imp development. 2 of us are writing (and debugging) Squirrel, while the other 2 need to monitor the device logs from time to time. By pulling out the device logs using the Build API, we’ve addressed a lot of the access conflicts. We are still developing in the IDE (using separate IDE accounts with occasional merges of code). The availability of custom libraries will make a big difference to us.

FYI, Build API command-line tools documented