Taking input from the planner

I’m new to the imp but have Hello World running. Now I’m trying to run the servo example from: http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=examplecode It’s not clear to me how I get input from the planner. I’m guessing I add some kind of node that allows me to type in a number but that’s not clear. If anyone can point me to documentation (yes, I’ve searched already) that explains what planner input actually is, and how to implement it, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

You can test with ticktock, which outputs 0 and 1; the next easiest option is to use the HTTP in node. Drop one down, connect it up to your imp running the servo code (which has a number input) and click the sliders button to see the options.

There you’ll see a URL. Copy and paste this to a browser, and append:


…to send 0.5 to it (or whatever you want).

Thanks, however I’m getting a “Node not found” error when doing the GET from the browser. If I remove the parameter from the url as a test, I get an ‘OK’ from server.

FIXED - I should have used ?value= instead of &value=


Erk. I’ll edit my post. My bad!