'switchhandler' reserved keyword?

I set up a very basic start of a new project: LED on pin 9, switch on pin1.
The callback function for the switch input I named ‘switchhandler’, simply changing the duty cycle of the PWM output controlling the LED.
However extremely simple this setup was, it didn’t work :"> In a brief moment of sanity (rest assured: they are rare) I changed the function name to ‘swhandler’ and it worked :wink:
So my question: is ‘switchhandler’ a reserved keyword?

btw I did not get any error message returned in the code that used ‘switchhandler’

cheers, Moose

It is not - and I just tried using switch handler for a variety of things, and it worked fine.

I’m guessing you had a spelling / typing mistake somewhere?


function switchhandler() {

hardware.pin9.configure(DIGITAL_IN_PULLUP, switchhandler);`

Just renamed the switch handler back to ‘switchhandler’ and it also worked fine :">
I do not understand what went wrong the first time…

You also will not have an error returned if you type


instead of


but at runtime this will raise an error.

The code checking does not perfectly check all things.

Code checking is just compiling - it doesn’t catch runtime errors…