Switch wifi connection

I want to change the wifi connection to an imp that already has a viable connection.
How do I get the imp to “receive” the new info.
I have run blink up, but the imp does not respond.

As long as the LED is flashing, the imp is listening for a new blinkup. Generally (unless your code configures it otherwise), blinkup is enabled for the first 60 seconds of power on time.

I think the problem is the Imp is in sleep mode except for once an hour when it wakes up and sends temp data to the cloud. I guess I need to reprogram it so it is awake enough to get reconfigured.

If you cold power cycle the device, it will wait for 10s before starting your user code (which will make it sleep). If you start a new blinkup in that period, the imp will wait for it to complete before running your code.

Summary: cold power cycle and blinkup right as it powers up.

Thanks for that tip.