Supporting REST PATCH and DELETE?

I would like to use the agent http object to talk to the REST API

It requires PATCH and DELETE functions. Will you add http.patch() and http.delete() ?

Hi delete is there but had to be named different due Squirrel

Patch isn’t a standard Http method/verb

PATCH may not be standard, but it is described in RFC 5789 and supported (or even required) in other tools that I, as a customer, am using.

I don’t believe that I am the only customer that will need this. If I have to setup another server to act as a translating agent, I might as well move all the other agent functions there. It negates one of the advantages of using Imp in the first place.

It would be very helpful to me if the PATCH method was added.

Duppy I din’t know that PATCH was par of the verb set & I don’t work for E.imp just another user!

Looks like this should be pretty easy, I think (speaking for others here!). Have added a task for this.

+1, PATCH and DELETE would be nice additions, when time permits.

DELETE is there already

May I ask what you will use PATCH for? I am using it for

This now implemented, see here:

Are you supporting PATCH? It’s required to update Drupal 8 entities. GET and POST (create) work great.

PATCH support is not present, but it shouldn’t be hard to create PATCH requests using http.request(), which allows you to build raw requests.

Oh, thanks!!! Something like this should work, right?
local request = http.request('PATCH', url, headers, body); local response = request.sendsync();

Works like a charm, thanks again!

You’re welcome!