Support for WiFi 802.11n

I am teaching a class on the Electric Imp today at the Desert Code Camp in Arizona. Unfortunately the WiFi is 802.11n. I tried connecting to the personal hotspot of my Windows Phone with no success. Since I won’t be able to show the Imp in action I will need to explain why I couldn’t get it to connect which will lead to the question of when 802.11n will be supported on the imp001 and imp002. Is it a software or a hardware issue? Is support on the roadmap?

All imps support 802.11n as well as b and g, but they only do so in the 2.4GHz band. The hardware doesn’t support 802.11n’s alternative 5GHz band.


Is support for the 5GHz band on the roadmap?

Are you trying to connect through blink-up? do you get the single green blip of light after blink-up completes indicating that the data was transferred?

If not, you could ask someone in your class to help you by installing the electric imp app on an iPhone or Samsung phone or other current hardware.

I’ve used personal hotspot on a Samsung Note3 and it works well.

My experience is that the imp holds wifi connection better than the devices I carry around.

@marktucker only if there’s demand. Since imp003, we’re not making new modules ourselves, so there needs to be enough interest to convince Murata to make one.

…and to follow up, there’s now an imp with dual band wifi (and ethernet):