Suggestions for compatible screen (matrix) hardware? (i2c/spi)

Looking to build a fairly simple project – but i’ll need to add a screen (maybe 400 x 400 pixels, nothing too fancy).

Any suggestions on something that’s known to work well with the imp (3.3v, works with the built-in SPI/I2C)?

If ePaper works for your project, take a look at the Vanessa board. Resolution on the 2.7" display is 264x176. We will have an API for writing text to it soon, and they are finally being manufactured next week.

Pervasive Displays is updating the displays right now, and new screens are expected to be available in June… so there is a little lead time on this, but the low power aspect is really cool.

I need to build it soon – Vanessa appears to be in ‘pre-order’ state…

This blog post of ours might be of interest. One of our interns played around with various displays last summer:

Vanessa will ship next week, barring any more manufacturing snags. It wouldn’t be the cheapest solution, but it is bleeding edge cool. :slight_smile: