I received my imp bits a few days back, and tonight after several hours, software upgrades, brightness adjustments, and various imp-to-screen orientation contortions with a borrowed Android phone. I’m very pleased to report I have two commissioned imps! Just wanted to share.  :-)

Congrats… can you let us know which phone you used?

Sure. It was an HTC Evo running Android 2.3.3.

What seemed to work finally was to turn the display brightness down about 20% and hold the imp flush to the screen with my thumb using just the right pressure. And, I don’t know if it’s necessary, but it did seem to help if I recited the names of the seven dwarfs backwards during the BlinkUp! :slight_smile:

BTW, I mentioned it in the updated BlinkUp thread, but I just updated to BlinkUp 1.0.1 for Android, and it’s working much more reliably. Just holding the Imp edge-on to the screen worked fine.


Thanks for the feedback; holding it edge on should have worked previously (if you covered the top of the imp to prevent ambient light getting into the side of the photodetector), but the 1.0.1 app definitely improves reliability.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the blinkup to work. At the end of the blinkup session, sometimes it blink red 4x fast.

Sometimes No led followed later by slow-blink orange. 
I’m using Droid razr maxx ics.

Sorry about that imploder and thanks for noting the device make, model, and Android version.  We will make a new release available early next week that will allow Android devices to do blink-up at half-speed.  We’ve tested it on a cheap $75 tablet and it works so this bodes pretty well for Android devices that are struggling during blink-up (including my LG).  Only snag here is that since firmware is updated remotely, your imp will still need WiFi connection…any chance you can beg or borrow (no stealing, please) an Android device to get successful blink-up for this? 

I know it’s not ideal…but, alas, such is life in beta…

okay, i got out my old motorola droid OG running froyo and I was able to blink up on the 3rd try in darkness. Now how do I use the planner? 

Work through these in this order…

Then see if any of the other examples are of interest:

..and keep an eye on the API docs:

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