Subroutine to group Electric Imp devices?

Is there a way to group electric imp devices. For example a hotel room could use 3-4 electric imp devices and the next door hotel room would also have 3-4 Imp devices. Is it possible for an app or dashboard to group devices so room one does not interfere with room 2? Ideally I envision to go to a hotel chain and during set-up, the installer would blink the IMP devices in the room and then group them and assign a group (say room 101). Then go to the next room and blink that rooms devices and assign it to Room 102…etc.Where would the grouping take place?

That doesn’t sound like a “development” imp type of project. With the free developer accounts, each imp has its own agent and thus its own URL. A program change to one agent would require the same change on all agents. You could end-up with 400 Imps in one hotel. I think you need to talk to Imp about the commercial application. They would have a good solution for what you’re doing.

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Thank you for your response…much appreciated.
I hope I am being clear about my situation. Let’s say we need to install 1000 Imps in a hotel. Each room uses 4 Imps. I want to make sure Room 1 does not talk to room 2 …or 3-n. So I think I would need to group the Imps for each room. Should I make a master and all other slaves /room?..can I group them with an app? (the installer would assign the groups.

Thanks so much for your help

I’m a commercial client of Electric Imp, and our architecture is somewhat similar to what you describe. “Grouping” is something you probably want to administer at a level above the agents. You should think of the agents as providing you with multiple, discrete, secure channels of monitoring and control. You will still need a separate system to manage their care and feeding. You won’t need to build this from scratch (although, we did). There are platforms out there that can carry out most of the heavy lifting for you. In my opinion, the best approach is to either:

  • design a REST API for the agents that will allow your administration system to control them; and/or
  • expose your administration system’s REST API to the agents, so that they can interact with it.

PS. I continue to be very interested in Electric Imp offering websocket interfaces to the agents. This would be a powerful addition to its arsenal.

Websockets are also coming, and because they’re on the official roadmap people won’t tell me I shouldn’t promise things in public :wink:

HI @Hugo, when might a beta of the websocket library be available for testing by us bleeding edgers? thanks

Not for a little while, other things first, but I think they’re scheduled for the next 3 monthsish.