Sublime support

What happened to the Sublime-Text plugin ? Reference to it is removed from the Dev Center and the plugin doesn’t exist anymore for installation in Sublime…

We’re using this extensively…

We’re moving towards VScode as this is generally preferred; the actual plugin is open source and here and you should be able to install it following the instructions on the github page.

In general I agree with the preference for VS Code as we’re using that already for several other build tool chains. It unfortunately wasn’t available when we moved from our own Squirrelbuilder to something better from eImp.
We’ve created now a zillion Sublime projects and those are not compatible with the VS Code ones (although the differences are subtle).
Could I convince you guys to make a simple ‘import Sublime project’ function in the VS Code plugin ? Can’t be that difficult :slight_smile:

We tried the VSCode plugin.
Unfortunately, there’s an issue that doesn’t exist with Sublime : it doesn’t support multi-root workspaces.

The way we have set up our main development tree is to have the actual code in a common folder, at the same level as several different project folders containing building info . By doing that we emulate multi-target build configurations. eg to use the same code base for different modules with different memory sizes. An IMP002 can’t contain our full app that does run on the newer IMP004 versions (unfortunately) so we need to trim some functionality off the IMP002 version.

  • common src folder using @if… builder statements to direct compilation
  • separate folder containing all libs we’ve developped over the years (they are actually retrieved from github on compilation, but once in a while we need to edit them while developing the app)
  • project folder contains imp.config with specific builder variables (directing source file inclusions) and linking with a development device group and device for that config
  • that project folder is the root for the workspace (Apparently The workspace definition file needs to be in the same folder as the imp.config file.)

When setting that up, with only the project folder visible in the workspace (which doesn’t contain any code), it builds and deploys fine. From the moment one includes the src folder in the workspace (to be able to actually see it while developing) build/deploy fails with the message ‘multi-root workspaces not supported’. This setup does work with Sublime though…
Is that something that can be fixed ?
I noticed a “settings” key in the workspace definition file. Can that possible be used to assign alternative imp.config files instead of the default one (which would solve our problem as well as it would allow placing everything at the same root folder level with a workspace definition file per config avoiding the need for multi-root workspaces, now we can only have one imp.config file at the project/workspace root level)?