Stuck on "Connecting to server"

I can see my imp002 joining the WiFi network, but it never gets past ORANGE OFF RED OFF continuously. I was under the impression the most recent firmware allows us to connect via port 80, which is certainly open. Am I mistaken. Do we still need port 31314 open?

I have confirmed I’m running 30.15.

Hmmm…just looked in the release notes and (now) see that port 993 is also attempted if 31314 is not open. I guess I had somehow misread/misunderstood it to be port 80 (required for firmware updates?). I’ll have to check to see if the sysadmin will open 993, as I know it’s not currently open.

Yes, you need 31314. Port 80 is only for fetching updates via HTTP.

Port 993 is not yet enabled on the server-side, so you need 31314 as has always been the case.

You might want to “tweak” the release 30 notes to reflect that connecting via port 993 is not currently available.

I noticed the update on the notes. Nice!

Any ETA on port 993 being enabled? If that were to be enabled, one IT department said they’d need an IP address to whitelist and I doubt it makes sense to tie it to one as opposed to a domain (load balancing?), but feel the need to ask.

No ETA right now, no. The problem with pretending to be another service is that can sometimes annoy IT more than asking them to open a port :slight_smile: