Strange string problem, with release-10

I just noticed this today, not sure what is going on.

Very simple program (this isn’t my program, but just the problem broken out):

`local command = “foo=bar”;
local idx = command.find("=");

server.log("command = “” + command + “” " + typeof(command) + " idx " + idx);

And it prints out:

command = "foo=bar" string idx (null : 0x0x0)

And of course, this works fine in the simulator…

This was working last time I was working on my project (about a month ago).

Thanks for the bug report; it’s related to the new string storage in flash code that went into release 10.

A workaround for now is to do this:

local idx = command.find("=\x00");

…but you’ll have to remove that when release-11 comes along (which may be soon due to this!)