Strange blinking

I put three IMP003 breakout boards together and two of them blink amber before BlinkUp and turn green after successful Blink Up. The third is blinking before Blink Up but it is blinking off-long amber-short red. It won’t blink up. Any idea what this means? Is it a power issue, or could the flash be faulty? Thanks for any advice…

That means ‘SPI Flash not found’. It’s an imp003-specific LED pattern, documented here.

Thought it might; thanks for the info… that means I can fix it!

OK, I touched up the solder on the flash and this fixed this problem.

I also encountered on a different board a problem where I got very faint red led only blinking, turned out to be the load switch not well soldered and I fixed that.

Now I get strong red led blinking at 1 Hz not the usual amber blinking. I can’t find a code for red-off-red-off etc. Is this a power issue? I have 3V3 as I should on the board from the 450 mA LDO. I replaced the load switch but this didn’t help. Could there be a short under the IMP003 module?

OK, I must have either had a short under the module or a cold solder joint there because after heating and moving the module around a bit I got the IMP003 to respond properly. Every time I put some of these breakout boards together I make at least one mistake and learn what the symptom is. The blink codes are great for this!

Yeah, imp003 isn’t the easiest to solder for prototyping, but it’s great in production :slight_smile: