Straight or right angle headers or none at all?

I’m a newbie to the imp: to begin using the imp, I understand that standard procedure is to solder straight male headers onto the April card and then insert the header into a breadboard to develop and test a circuit.

But connecting the imp to an environmental tail illustrated in:
uses right angle male headers.

I’m assuming there is no way to unsolder the headers from the April board, or change the straight headers into right angle headers. Is that correct? Plus, what’s standard procedure if I want build a more permanent device that does NOT use a breadboard ? Is it common to solder directly to an April board without headers at all?

Thanks for any comments about what’s standard procedure. I’m just planning a project and am trying to decide which header to use or whether I need a header at all.

I wouldn’t really say there’s any ‘standard procedure’ or particular type of header that’s preferred. Rather, as you’ve pointed out, the type of header you might use (or not use) depends on what’s best for your particular application. (You can remove/replace headers … it’s just a bit difficult without the right equipment, and you may damage your board).

In general, any mechanical connection is a potential point of failure, so direct wiring or soldering is preferred if it works mechanically for your application. (An added bonus is you save the cost of a connector pair :slight_smile: )

Along with solder skills, and of course a nice soldering iron, you should add a solder sucker and wick to your list of tools. De-soldering is common, and can be safe for circuit boards if done using the correct tools and methods, as Larry mentioned.

Purchase the tools and practice on some scrap boards. You can also remove parts on old boards, to be re-used on other projects.

Thanks for your comments. The best guide to basic soldering that I have found is:

which also mentions the solder sucker, so getting one is my next goal. Thanks again.