Storage and downloading of data generated by my Imp

I would like to use my Imp to monitor a number of sensors at periodic interval.
After which, I want to be able to download the data to my own computer for further analysis.
Does the electric imp server store data from devices? If yes, how much and for how long? Which API call to store data?

Hi there are two places for storage

Device using NV table
Agent using

The Agent can connect to any web service. To get to your PC you need have a something running that can accept a HTTP request & process. Someone has written an Agent that posts to a Google docs. The Agent has approx 1 meg for code & data but that could change.

In what format do you want your sensor data in?

I prefer JSON but will take CSV as well. I’m looking for something similar to what Xively offer: long history of data. Yes, I know we can write agent code to store and forward data but I don’t think it will be able to hold long term data. Say temperature sensor data for 1 week at some sampling interval

We’re big fans of - which is both a NoSQL datastore (ie - JSON data store) and a real time push notification system. We have a class for interacting with it here.

Mat thanks for the Firebase class I keeping coming back to FB especially as Nest are going to use it for there API.

When you say “push notification” I though you need APN/GCM certificates what FB is realtime messaging or am I missing something?

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll investigate Firebase.

Also have a look at

@controlCloud - your are correct - it is realtime messaging.