Just ordered an Imp and a Hannah. Can’t wait till they get here!

Pretty excited too. I really wish we could start writing our apps now prior to getting the hardware. I’d love to hit the ground running.

If all goes according to plan, I should have dev wiki available to you tomorrow, 7/25, which will provide you guidelines for HW and FW development.

Awesome - thanks for the reply! Will we have access to the online IDE at that point as well?

I’m excited, I already have some thoughts on how to use it. Going to start with monitoring the water lever of my salt water fish tank, and going to expand from there. 

Hi Nong!  Any progress on that dev wiki?  I’m pretty excited to get started with these!

Sorry folks.  Alas, we hit a minor snag on our end so still making some last-minute edits and additions.  So far, it’s looking good for prime time tomorrow. 

Yes for online IDE.  You’ll get access info when you receive your imps and developer boards…sometime next week.

Nong - thanks for the information. I’m sure I speak for everyone when saying that we’re very excited.

Anxiously awaiting the wiki & of course the imps. I just hope I get it the dev boards prior to leaving for vacation on Aug. 4, it’ll make for a LONG vacation if not! :slight_smile:

Nong - could you give us a realistic time frame as to when we’ll have access to the dev wiki & when the imps will actually ship?

You know the saying, it’s better to under-promise & over-deliver. With that being said and with the utmost respect, I hope this is not a sign as to how things will be in the future.

Thanks again for all of your hard work - getting super anxious.

My, my…patience grasshopper :).  True, my bad for over-promising.  That being said, we are a start-up and this is our first beta so we’d rather deliver a decent beta product, including a useful dev wiki, and be a few days late than to deliver on time and have a suboptimal user experience. IMHO, it’s better to make a minor faux pas and apologize for it then to make a major one and have to pay for it.  Therefore, I am sorry for unintentionally letting you folks down.  There’s a good chance you’ll have access to the dev wiki this week but I can’t promise 100% ;).

Thanks for our patience and really appreciate your enthusiasm.

Nong - my apologies for being antsy. :slight_smile:

You are definitely right about it being better to apologize for it than to pay for it, I didn’t think of it that way. I’m happy / excited that you guys are doing your best to ensure a great experience, which after all should be a priority. Being part of a beta, however, I hope no one has the expectation of everything being perfect and think we’ll be most forgiving on any shortcomings or mistakes. That’s the point of a beta anyway!, to learn where one can improve.

Again, I am appreciative of everyone’s hard work in front and behind the scenes at electric imp. Looking forward to being a part of the beta and helping shape the future of electronics.

Thanks for your patience everyone.  Development wiki is now available.



Awesome! Thanks a ton! Starting to dig into it and it’s looking great. I see things are getting processed, does that mean shipments will start soon? :slight_smile:

Some shipments went out this morning and the shipping assembly line (e.i. the center of our office) is moving along nicely.  I expect folks who are expecting a shipment should be getting their “imps” and “impees” within a week or two.  Obviously, it will take longer for those farthest away from Bay Area, California.

Aww - so sad, haha! Looks like I won’t get to play with it until I get back from vacation. Gives me plenty of time to review the development wiki & start planning things out.

I just got my electric imp + dev boards today, but then again, I’m only about an hour away from the point of origin. Still have to find someone with an android phone for the commissioning process, though.

Looking forward to hacking on the imp,
- Devan.

Yeah, iOS app is still going thru approval process. Fingers crossed for getting it within next few days.  Thanks for your patience.

Hi everyone,
Very excited, ordered my first imp, very IMPressed by all this, can’t wait to see the IMPlications of it all. Sorry Dad jokes over.
Can’t wait to get started.