Still some trouble with syncing IDE on 1.44

I’m running 1.44 Production at home and 1.44 Beta in the office (which I assume are the same). I am still having disconcerting messages about version clashes. For example, The IDE will warn me that a draft is in the current window based upon BUILD 118, whereas the current BUILD is actually 129. I then have to pore over the draft to be sure it is in fact the most recent version of code (which it always is). Is this because I may sometimes edit the draft at one machine without clicking on “Build and Run”?

Hi coverdriven,

Working on 2 environments and/or 2+ machines simultaneously definitely causes some issues. Can you try build and run on machine/ide A and before you start on machine/ide B, refresh the browser first so it obtains the latest codes, and let us know if you experience the same problem?

We are planning some changes around code, build and run, and we believe that would solve this problem.