Standby except wifi


I use sleep mode to save the energy , however , when it wakes up with an accelerometer sensor, it takes time before connecting to wifi .
there is a standby or electric imp is connected to wifi to not lose responsiveness ?

how it consumes you when wifi is enabled ?

what is the most efficient battery to power electric imp ?


You can make the accelerometer wake the imp from sleep - the microamp mode (see the nora reference design) and the imp will be running your squirrel in under 10ms - you can then kick off a connection in the background whilst you collect data.

When wifi is enabled it’s ~70-100mA or <10mA in powersave mode (with a quiet network).

The imp has a very efficient 2xAA mode - running direct from the cells when asleep, so no DCDC overhead. Again, see the nora reference design.