Stand alone web server

I need a fully stand alone (local wifi network) simple controller to control a few pins on a remote external device from another software application. I do not want to have to have the control and data go through the cloud.
I have read this isn’t possible but that was an old post.

Can the IMP run standalone from the network (LAN only) and not have to have a WAN (internet) connection?

The controlling application would obviously be on the local network too.


The Imp isn’t designed to do that. I’ve done a little work with the Adafruit version of the TI CC3000 chip… maybe look at that?

Do a Google search for: FlyPort
FlyPort is a stand-alone WiFi web server with I/O.


I don’t need it to serve lots of data just data from pins and ability to remotely set pins.


Arduinos with Ethernet or WiFi, like the Yun or the CC3000 are probably the simplest way to do that. They aren’t cheap, but there is loads of code and examples. The Raspberry Pi has lots of GPIO pins as well… but it isn’t nearly as easy to set up. Both of those will give you control to the device.

It is actually interesting to see the R-Pi being used as a microcontroller, when it is a full blown desktop computer. It’s a very much an underutilization of its capabilities, but it does work, and its probably cheaper than an Arduino. (And I admit to doing it.) Adafruit has a nice Web IDE setup.

The FlyPort is everything you need for $85 (developer kit):

The website you create is actually inside the unit (embedded).
The unit is its own web server … See their demo.

Not as easy and cheap as the Imp, but for the application you’re using … probably a good fit. Keep in mind that all of the various controllers … Imp, FlyPort, Arduino, R-Pi … have their own unique features, advantages, disadvantages, and you need to pick the one for your specific need.

Great, thanks for the advice. The Flyport looks suitable. Basically I don’t want the cost of the Arduino WIFI and there are not that many knock off wifi shields.

Thank you for the help!