Squirrel implementation for OSX or Win?

Several people in this forum have mentioned that they are using a native Squirrel implementations on their computer.
One even wrote that he had added substitutes to some (all?) of the IMP functions, too, so that he was able to test and debug before applying the program to a real imp.

I’ve been looking around, but have not found any finished apps available, only the Squirrel source code. And naturally not with the imp extension.

Can anybody provide download links to either Windows or OSX squirrel implementations?

It isn’t too hard (on Mac OS X, the dev tools are free).

  1. Download the source
  2. double click the tar.gz and you get a SQUIRREL3 folder
  3. Navigate to that folder in Terminal
  4. type “make”
  5. The “sq” program will be compiled into the SQUIRREL3/bin/ folder

You can run it by sq or by just running it interactively (just run sq)

I don’t think there are compiled binaries available… I had to download and build from source.

That was exactly what I was afraid of.

Thanks, cnr1089.

I’ll give it a try.