Squirrel hex to integer

As a Squirrel newcomer, I’m wondering whether there’s a way to convert a hex string to an integer.
my string is something like “0xff”.
I’ve tried “0xff”.tointeger(), but this returns 0, which isn’t the desired result at all.
I’m trying to convert a series of hex values contained in a file to a series of integers, and am wondering whether there’s a built in function to do this a hex byte at a time, rather than writing such a function.

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to offer,

There’s no scanf() equivalent, so I’m afraid you’ll need to write a function :frowning:

There is an example on the devwiki that might help you - http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=webcolor

`// Convert hex string to an integer
function hexToInteger(hex)
local result = 0;
local shift = hex.len() * 4;

// For each digit..
for(local d=0; d<hex.len(); d++)
    local digit;

    // Convert from ASCII Hex to integer
    if(hex[d] >= 0x61)
        digit = hex[d] - 0x57;
    else if(hex[d] >= 0x41)
         digit = hex[d] - 0x37;
         digit = hex[d] - 0x30;

    // Accumulate digit
    shift -= 4;
    result += digit << shift;

return result;


Hi. I want to convert a integer (1 Byte UART data) to hex. Because I want to log (serverlog) the UART data in hex format.

You can use the format() function which works the same as c’s printf:

server.log(format("0x%02x", yourByte));


server.log(format("0x%02x", 32)); //Outputs: 0x20

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